SMSF Setup

If you would like to setup a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) or would like some further information explaining how the structure works – get in touch with LRC Advisers and discuss with our team how you can take the next step in your wealth accumulation journey.

SMSF Administration

Our comprehensive SMSF administration service involves all aspects of managing your Fund. We utilise Simple Fund 360  (a Cloud Based software provider allowing us collect real time data in real time and provide meaningful financial reports with respect to your investments.

SMSF Tax & Compliance

We understand that the regulations and tax implications involved in managing your Fund can be complex. LRC Advisers operate to interpret relevant legislation and provide advice and support in an easy to understand manner.  We prepare the annual Financial Statements for your Fund and attend to the preparation and lodgement of the Fund’s Annual Return. We also assist with putting you in touch with an Independent Audit Service Provider to attend to the Fund’s statutory Audit Requirements.

Independent SMSF Audit Service

We provide an Independent SMSF Audit Service for external SMSF clients. We adhere to the APES Independence Guide ensuring our Audits are 100% Independent. Our audits are conducted in a methodical manner, complying with SIS requirements whilst maintaining a quick turnaround time.

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